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Our Services and how they work!

China Shipping

  1. Send us an incoming cargo request using the china shipping service

  2. We receive and ship to Nigeria

  3. We send you an invoice for shipping and customs on arriving Nigeria

  4. We deliver to our office for pickup

  5. Better still we can deliver to you at an added fee

  6. Great still we notify of all progress made

Local Pick-up/Delivery

  1. Send us a request using the local pick-up/delivery service

  2. We dispatch our personel to pickup the package

  3. We receive the package and schedule delivery

  4. Inter state deliveries are handed to our partners and tracked

  5. We deliver to the intended recipient

  6. Great still we notify of all progress made

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Our Pricing

USD 7.90 per KG

Air Cargo (7-10 days)

NGN 110,000.00 per CBM

Sea Cargo (70-90 days)

USD 7.90 per KG