International Services

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Express Shipping

Our 2 days Express shipping is best choice for your urgent packages with a guaranteed dureation of 2 days shipping from China to Nigeria.

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Express Cargo

Our 3-5 days Express Cargo shipping is fast and reliable.
We prioritize safety and integrity on every delivery.

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Sea Shipping

We work with fast and efficient carriers to give you the best sea shipping services. This service is a good choice for heavy and bulky goods.

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Air Cargo / Normal Shipping

Our 7 days shipping from China to Nigeria is suitable for normal goods goods.
It is a fast, affordable and reliable mode of shipping.

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Air Freight

We are working carefully with selected carriers to enable us meet with delivery speed and give reliable services.
Our Air Freight servies are next to none.

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Air Cargo (special goods)

Our Air cargo (special goods) is suitable for goods that have battery such as goods of liquid nature, chemicals, food and other special goods.

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Business Consulting

We have an expert team of consultants that are always at the ready to provide you with business consulting expertise to aid in your business establishment and growth.

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Booking & Loading Container

We possess the equipment and manpower expertise to facilitate your bookings and loadings of containers of all sizes with emphasis on safety and space management.

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Sourcing and Procurement

We have a robust team that are capable of handling all your sourcing and procurement requests with a track record of delivering the highest quality goods at the best prices.

Domestic Services

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Regular Express

We have a well organized system to give you fast and safe delivery.
We deliver to your door steps within 12 hours in the same state and 24 hours from different states.

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Instant Express Delivery

Our instant Express delivery is the best choice for your urgent and instant packages.
Delivery to your door post within 4 hours. Very fast and reliable.

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Normal Delivery (heavy goods 20kg+)

Bulk and heavy goods are properly packed and delivered within 24 hours in the same state and 48 hours for inter state delivery.

Tested and Trusted Logistics Service

Contact us for your guaranteed delivery



We offer reliable and efficient logistics and courier services across the country and the far east.